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Posted by IMD007 - January 7th, 2011

I have no idea how it happened, but it sure did happen!

Last night at roughly midnight I decided to look up the stats on my 3 songs just to see if anything had changed significantly, and boy was I in for a surprise! The Legend of Zelda arrangement I did a little over a year ago had jumped up roughly 200 votes/downloads and 3,000 listens!

Thinking the only possible way this could be was it being featured on the Audio Portal front page, I immediately went to investigate. Sure enough, at the top of the All-Time list was none other than my song!

What followed was an assortment of amazement, disbelief and a small touch of hyperventilation.

I just have to say thanks to everyone who got it up there, it sure has been interesting to see my work get such high acclaim on a site with thousands of user-made songs!

#1 Spot on Audio Portal's All-time Top Scoring!

Posted by IMD007 - November 8th, 2010

A game mimicking the style and limitations of the old NES games, this new flash game is about a miner (Mr. Miner, to be exact), who is on a quest to find long lost treasure in caves filled with all sorts of traps, creepy-crawlies, and more!

Transgress the walls of the cave at your own risk, though, as every misplaced block of earth will have consequences depending on the adjacent blocks. One bit of earth out could cause a water leak (and as we all know, NES water means INSTANT DEATH!), not to mention the previous cave explorers left tons of dynamite just lying around, and hitting stone next to a fuse could cause just enough of a spark to set off and ruin your day.

I believe it will take no more than two months to finish (maybe less if I book it), but we shall see.

Upcoming Flash Game: Miner Inconvenience